About La Bruja:

Hola Brujitxs Bookies!

My name is Ash and I am a 20-something witchy bibliophile and aspiring author who has read more books than many care to know but is still constantly on the search for new books to read. 

Let's go YA!

I am also a homebody who delightfully suffers from wanderlust-- what an oxymoron right? So I definitely want to travel the world one day . . . soon. Oh, and I have a thing for supernatural monsters. 

My first and other Young Adult review blog is The Tattered Page.

Favorite Hobbies:

Writing, reading, sports, devouring sweets, driving too much in Mustang GTs, watching movies, carrying an unwavering torch for One Tree Hill, submitting to wanderlust and just hanging out with the family.

Favorite Movies:

Dirty Dancing . . . Ever After . . . The Covenant . . . The Fifth Element . . . The Polar Bear King . . . Fast Five . . . Crimson Peak.

Favorite Music:

Alternative rock - especially Purity Ring and Paramore, who I am dying to see in concert . . . but I listen to just about anything that sounds good really.

Favorite Books:

Haa! As if I can actually fit my whole list here! But here's a few anyway: the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer, all books by Kresley Cole *but more notably, Pleasure of a Dark Prince and A Hunger Like No Other*, A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, Crimson Peak by Nancy Holder and many, many more.

*If you're interested in the other books that are on my radar you can check out my Amazon Wishlist:Books I Dream About!


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