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Review : Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Release Date: January 4, 2011
Source: ARC Tour

The Story:

The first book in a dark, edgy new angel series about a girl who finds herself forced to choose sides in the battle between fallen angels, even if that means going against the boy she loves.

When Ellie Faneuil first sees Michael Chase she feels an instantaneous connection. But she does not realize how much they have in common, including the ability fly and to see what others are thinking - not to mention a taste for blood. Reveling in their new powers and their growing feelings for each other, Ellie and Michael are determined to uncover what they are, and how they got this way ... together.

But the truth has repercussions neither could have imagined. Soon they find themselves center stage in an ancient conflict between fallen angels that threatens to destroy everything they love. And it is no longer clear whether Ellie and Michael will choose the same side.

In this electrifying novel Heather Terrell spins a gripping tale of soul-mates, supernatural powers and a truth that will change Ellie and Michael‘s world forever.

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My Review: One word: OTHERWORLDLY

In Fallen Angel, Ellspeth "Ellie" Faneuil is a teenager leading a simple life whose parents, Professors Hannah and Daniel, specialize in organic farming and dragging her all around the world every summer to promote earth-friendly ways for increasing production by teaching local farmers’ methods. Her “such attractive parents” give a whole new definition to the term “going green.” But then one day Ellie notices the new guy in school -- "tall, impossibly blond-haired" with unsettling pale green eyes -- leaning against a door frame, watching her. And the moment she lays her eyes on Michael Chase events are set into place that will change Ellie's life forever.
Ellie isn’t who she thought she was and there is only one other person in the world who is just like her. Michael. Michael claims to have met Ellie three summers prior during a mission but she can’t conjure up a single memory of their time spent in Guatemala and her parents’ odd reaction to her inquiry about Michael and his parents raises further questions about who – or what --she really is and how they are all involved.

Michael and Ellie share more in common than their unusually pale eyes, eco-friendly professor parents but their supernatural “gifts” as well, so Michael believes they’re destined to be together. “Ellie, I told you that you were different. We are different. And that difference means we are meant for each other” [Michael to Ellie, Page 68]. But life doesn’t always turn out how you plan and their love is put to the test when the evil fallen angel Ezekiel – also known as Zeke – shows up in Tillinghast, Maine looking for them. Apparently Michael and Ellie aren’t the only ones with powers and secrets to hide.

In an effort to keep those she loves safe and reveal the truth about what she really is, Ellie goes to Harvard University in search of the Professor McMaster, who is not only a vampire believer and enthusiast but an “expert” in the origins of vampires and other supernatural beings. While at Harvard waiting for a meeting with Professor McMaster Ellie does some research on her own in the Andover-Harvard Theological Library. During her visit she discovers the Book of Enoch and how the pages foretell the origins of her unraveling life. However, the book raises more questions than it answers. Questions that aren't answered until Michael and Ellie's final showdown with the evil Ezekiel. Are you dying to know what happens? What Michael and Ellieare are? Then read Fallen Angel and be prepared to be sucked into another world full of fallen angels where choosing between good and bad isn't always easy.

Heather Terrell’s ethereal tale of fated love, bloodlust and supernatural “gifts” and of course, the age old battle between good and evil will continue in Eternity – to be released in Summer 2011. With that, I leave you with this: “Feels like London out today, doesn’t it?” [page 309].

Here is some of my favorite quotes from Fallen Angel:

Michael & Ellie:

"Have you ever sensed that you were different from other people?"
I had to laugh again, and not just because he was acting so melodramatic. Looking up at him, I answered honestly. "If by ‘different’ you mean more awkward than most people, then yes.”
“Awkward? You’re kidding, right?”
I shook my head. Even though I found my gawkiness funny sometimes, I definitely wasn’t kidding.
“If you’re really serious, then you’ve got to understand that you are the only one who sees you that way. Everyone else sees you as smart and intimidating and worldly and pretty.” --Pages 65-66

Michael to Ellie:

“If only you could see how beautiful and unique you really are,” Michael said, and leaned in to kiss me. – Page 19

***Check out Heather Terrell's website for more information about her: HERE

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