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Review : Forever by Karen Ann Hopkins (Temptation Series #3)

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 1.28.2014
Pages: 336
Source: Own 

The Story:

All I want is my happily-ever-after.

That's all I've wanted since meeting Noah Miller.

From the day we met, the world has tried to keep Noah and me from being together, but now that I'm carrying his child, no one will be able to tear us apart. Or so I hope. But Noah and I have made some mistakes along the way, and the consequences are impacting the people we love. Worse, there's a storm on the horizon, and it's sure to cause serious devastation.

If we can get through this, we'll finally be Rose and Noah—a family, forever.

But first we have to survive the road ahead. And happily-ever-after is a long way off.

- Barnes and Noble


My Review:

So, just to recap, this is the last book in the Temptation trilogy by Karen Ann Hopkins. This first two books are Temptation and Belonging. The storyline revolves around to teenagers and a good ole forbidden love. Noah Miller is Amish and Rose Cameron is not. How cool is that? There is no surprise that I could not wait to read the triology. Alas, I am writing that review for the last book. :(

For starters, although I though Belonging was a little slow for my taste, Temptation and Forever hit the spot. In Forever, readers get to see the rest of Noah and Rose's struggle to keep their love as well as all of the little bumps on the road. Noah and Rose still face the same problems. The Amish community not entirely ready to accept Rose and Rose's family not wanting to let her simply go, Amish psycho stalkers, not to mention Rose's bun in the oven and a fatal storm thrown in the mix. But by the last page I felt satiated instead like a worm on a hook, left out to dry for no darn good reason.

What I also love about this book is that we get Sarah's (Noah's sister) and Sam's (Rose's brother) point of view as well. Instead of taking away from Noah and Rose's story they added to it. Readers got a little extra side story with Sarah and Micah as well as with Sam and Summer. Stories that I would have loved to read more of.

"...I'm going to begin courting Edwin.'
His hand shot out and grabbed my arm. The heavy feel of it made the blood drain from my face. 'What...?'
'Are you crazy, Sarah? You don't even like him.'
'Course I do. And who are you to say so?'
Micah leaned in and said with a sureness that made me believe him, ''Cause you  like me, that's why. Things will settle down soon between our families, Don't do something that we'll both regret.'" [page 15].

Well, if this review isn't convincing enough, you should find out enough. Noah and Rose's story (with a little bit of Sarah and Micah's) is definitely worth the time to read.

Happy Reading!


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