Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Top Secret Bookish Project!

Hey Bookies!

I know it has been a while, but I have been busy with work and classes. To make up for my hiatus, as of January, I have been working on a Top Secret Bookish Project!

After countless man-hours, and time lost sleeping and reading, I am excited to launch the product sometime during the week of February 12th. Once, I have more definitive date of launch I will be sure to post on the blog, Twitter and Instagram.

As we get closer to launch day and once Phase 3 is completed, I will remove the shroud of mystery from the Bookish Project.

Please keep a look out for the unveiling of the Secret Bookish Project to come.

Secret Bookish Project - Phase 1
           *Research, design development, focus polls

Secret Bookish Project - Phase 2:
           *Purchase materials, finalize designs

Secret Bookish Project - Phase 3:
           *Product production, set up Etsy store

Secret Bookish Project - Phase 4:
           *Launch product

Secret Bookish Project - Phase 5
           *Customer feedback

I would love to hear any of you guys' guesses, please comment them down below!

Happy Reading!


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