Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Official ...

It's Official ... I just received my business cards for this here blog! Take a look:

Aren't they awesome? Insert girlish squeal [HERE]. I completely designed them myself at Great printing quility might I say. But I have to admit that I had my reservations about the website and the quality of the cards because the prices were outrageously cheap so I only ordered 100... And I am so happy to say that my doubts were completely unfounded. I even chose the gloss option and it's fabulous.

So now you may ask: why did this chick by business cards for a blog? First, if you haven't already noticed, getting traffic to a blog isn't exactly a piece of cake. Second, I am going to the BookExpo of America this year -- next month actually! Yay!!! And thought the BEA would be a wonderful place to network and get word about my blog out. Meeting potential agents, editiors, publishers and fellow book bloggers -- while getting more free books and autographs might I add -- is the perfect place to exchange business cards. Hey, the way I see it: if you love the written words as much as I do, then you're okay in my book -- pun intended, he he he.

On that note, have a wonderful day and if you happen to be attending BEA this May then I hope to see you there. *I'll be the one with flats on my feet, a camera in my hand, and books in my bag ... ;-)



  1. congratulations girl! your business cards look beautiful :) ur so lucky to be attending BEA, i would kill to be able to go!

  2. Thank you! I wish you could go too ... In that case, maybe you can go next year?!