Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Expo America 2011: Day 3 - The End ...

BEA Day 3 ... May 26th, the last day of my book frenzy escapade. *Sigh* It was amazing while it lasted. I was fortunate enough to snag all the books I did, meet awesome people and form a very complicated relationsip with I-95 traffic. For oncein my life, I'm such a lucky girl!

I cannot wait 'til BEA 2012! Livia, Alix, Diana - who will be a firsttimer - and so many others: see you there!

Now, here's the low down of my BEA 2011 Day 3:

... Random House.

Uptown Stage ...

... Author, Lisa Mangum.

Harlequin BEA "headquarters" ...

Day 3 Swag:

With that, my total count of FREE books from BEA is ... *drum roll please* ...

Had to do it ...

*Only 71 pictured*

For those of you who miss BookExpo America this year ... It's all about 2012!


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