Saturday, May 28, 2011

BookExpo America 2011: DAY 2 ...

On the morning of Day 2 at BEA - May 25th - I got a few nice surprises. One, I actually found meter-free street parking on the only eligible block within a who-knows-mile radius. Two, I found out Lauren Kate was signing copies of PASSION [to be released June 2011] over at Random House. Yay! Three, I made yet another book buddy. See you in Florida, Livia! Harlequin Teen Hour ...

Is that Melissa Marr?...

Ladies and gentlemen, the $1 Million woman, Ally Condie ...

Day 2 Swag:

Happy Reading!


  1. I know. BEA was incredible. It was nice to meet you at BEA. I hope you had a good time as well. New follower.

  2. OMG you have some really great pics! BTW, what is that noise when I visit your page lol?

  3. @Grace: It was so nice meeting you as well! Did you enjoy BEA?

    @Damaris: Thanks... scroll down to the bottom of my homepage and you'll see where the noise is comeing from ;-)

    @Diana: It was awesome! It would've been so cool if you came.