Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cover Mania! #6

*Hosted by The Tattered Page, Cover Mania! features covers that compel me*

Being so drawn to this cover, I felt compelled to dedicate a post to it. Take a look:

THIS COVER. I don't have a clue when this book is being released but it will be read! I have never read or heard of K.C. Hilton before stumbling upon My Name is Rapunzel's cover but it is most definitely in my to-be-read pile.


My tale has been told again and again, and I’ve heard each one. Except for my hair, I barely recognize the pitiful renditions. Muddled versions, crafted to entertain laughing children…but the children wouldn’t have laughed if they’d known the real story. It wasn’t their fault. They didn’t know the truth. Nobody did.

My name is Rapunzel and I will tell you my story. I will tell you the truth.

- via Barnes & Noble

PublisherCreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: November 22, 2013
Pages: 324

Happy Reading!


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