Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Calling All Fellow Fans: #However Long It Takes!

Greetings, Bookies!

If you don't know now you know ... I love The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. But let me be a tad more specific:


Whichever you prefer. Having said that, although I hate Klaus for the evil man he is, I absolutely love Caroline and Klaus together. And now that Klaus is doing his own thing on The Originals -- trying to conquer the world whilst killing everyone and everything in his way without a single bat of his eyes and his daughter baking in werewolf Hayley's stomach -- I panicked when he visiting Mystic Falls to gloat over Katherine's seemingly impending death. why? Because of what he promised Caroline. Although I am overwhelmingly ecstatic that Klaus and Caroline finally did the deed ... he promised her he would never return.

Bittersweet Klaus' farewell was. On the one side, it proves how much Klaus is in love with Caroline (he totally pulled a stupid Dear John!). And on the other, bitter, side, it was a smack in the face. Because, like WTF?! He's never coming back for Caroline? Does that means they are never going to be a thing ... a permanent thing as fate wrote it to be? Or could it mean not right now -- for a long while -- but rather when everything settles and Caroline finds her way to him?
NONONONONONO! I refuse to believe Klaroline is over!
Julie will never convince me that "He is your first love,
I intend to be your last, however long it takes" will end
like this. Nope, call it denial but there will be more of
- MaaiaMrsSunshine, YouTube

Depressed, I found myself scouring YouTube for videos of Klaroline and low and behold what I found:

We, or at the very least, I, know that the petition will not change anything in the immediate future. however, if signing this petition means that CW knows how us Klaroline Shippers feel and stands as a reminder not to forget the merging fate of Klaroline then I am okay with that. So ...


Absolutely. This was not casual sex. Klaus let's
Caroline love him on her terms. He's patient. That's
powerful stuff. Tyler loves Caroline when it's
convenient for him. Loser.
- Malteseheart, YouTube
Let us start a revolution! Spread the word! We must fight for Klaroline


Happy Reading!


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